Skunk Removal Services, Cleveland

Skunks are common, nocturnal pests that are well known for their destructive habits as they can devastate gardens, building foundations, and landscaping.  Skunks are anywhere from 20-30 inches long and usually weigh anywhere between 5-12 lbs.  With their long claws and strong forefeet, they possess a heightened ability to dig.  While possessing an adaptable diet, skunks prefer insects and grubs found in the ground

Potential Risks

After bats, skunks are the most common carriers of rabies in the United States. Another aggravation that skunks pose is their spray.  Skunks use their ability to spray to ward off potential predators and will spray when they feel threatened.  The glands on either side of their anus allow them to spray up to 10 feet accurately.  This becomes a problem for homeowners when skunks begin spraying under or around their home.

Skunk Habitats

Skunks are remarkably versatile creatures as they can adapt to most any circumstance as long as they have food and water.  A good water source is particularly important for skunks as they seldom travel more than two miles from their established den.  When skunks move into urban areas, they are often attracted to oily, meat-based food sources such as garbage cans.  Skunks’ diets are always changing slightly though as they are resourceful feeders.

What We Can Do

No one is better suited to handle your skunk issues than The Animal Guys!  We have the tools, the experience, and the skill to make sure your homes are skunk-free, forever.  For a typical skunk removal, we will use a one-way. We strive to ensure your home becomes skunk-free quickly and without a hassle.  So if you are in need of skunk removal, call us and rest easy knowing that The Animal Guys is on the job!