Opossum Removal Services, Cleveland

Opossums are typically docile pests that mostly aggravate through leaving waste in your
insulations, producing offspring, and frustrating your pets. Opossum removal becomes
necessary when these persistent creatures take up a residence in or around your home. They can
become an irritant quickly which makes it important to deal with sooner rather that later.

Potential Risks

While acting mostly as a frustration, opossums do bring along certain risks including –
  •  property damage
  •  transmission of diseases, and
  •  rare occurrences of violence towards pets and humans

Opossum Habitats 

Opossum habitats are typically diverse and can range from dry to moist climates and can vary from heavily wooded areas to urban areas.  Opossums prefer environments near streams or other bodies of water.  They typically take shelter under brush piles, other animals’ burrows, or under homes or other buildings.  Like many of their counterparts, opossums are opportunistic scavengers that will adapt their diets to their surroundings.

What We Can Do

    As regional leaders in the wildlife removal, we set the standard of excellence for service.  At the first sign of trouble, we will provide you with a free service estimate and write-up.  We then move into action as we seek to remove the opossums from your home, seal every potential entry point, and rehome the opossums back to the wild or to a rehabilitation center.

We believe strongly in an amiable and humane approach to solving problems, especially when it concerns wildlife in your home.  With everything we’ve learned over the years, we ensure that your home is opossum-free and stays that way – guaranteed!  Call The Animal Guys for your opossum removal needs!