Rat Removal Services, Cleveland

Rats are mid-sized, long-tailed rodents that oftentimes find their way into your home or business. Rats are one of nature’s many agents of contamination carrying and transmitting disease and filth. This makes it very important to deal with an infestation of rats quickly and effectively.

The two main species of rats are the Norway Rat (Brown Rat) and the Roof Rat (Black Rat).  Rats are often troublesome in human dwellings because of the waste they leave behind, the electrical wires they chew, and the holes they can create in your drywall, wood, etc.  Rats are one of the most common residential infestation problems in the country.

Potential Risks

Rats can pose huge risks to humans and their property including –

  • carrying disease
  • contributing to allergies
  • exposing wires by chewing
  • damaging interior/exterior structures

Rat Habitats

   Rats can thrive in pretty much any environment that affords their basic necessities.  Norway rats are typically found nesting in or around homes, businesses, or other places that may have tossed food. They will create nests at or below ground level.  Roof rats generally seek shelter up from ground level in trees, attics, or roofs.  They can occasionally be found on the ground but primarily prefer higher areas of dwelling. 

What We Can Do

Rat proofing can be a difficult task. We start our process by thoroughly searching for any possible crack, hole, or tunnel that might put your structure at risk for infestation.

Whether you have a large commercial building or a small residence, we are more than capable of providing you with a permanent, humane solution for all your rodent problems and look forward to serving you.

We repair and install all potential entrances with rodent-proof material that is chew-resistant to prevent re-entry.  The best way to protect your home or business from rat infestation is to ensure that they are unable to gain entry with up-to-date rate proofing.

If you suspect you have a rat problem, call The Animal Guys today!  We will send a trained professional to evaluate your home or business and provide a free estimate!