Bat Removal Services, Cleveland

Bats are an extremely important member of our ecosystem as many of the bat species feed on insects which can help controlling pest populations.  Bats are nocturnal and typically don’t pose a direct threat to humans unless they feel threatened.  There are over 40 different bat species within the United States that vary in size between 2.5 – 8 inches in length and can have a wingspan between 8 – 23 inches.

Potential Risks

While ultimately beneficial creatures, bats pose several threats when they occupy human dwellings including –

* carrying deadly diseases such as rabies, nipah, and hendra
* cultivating harmful fungal bacteria through droppings
* damaging interior ceilings with urine

Bat Habitats

Bats typically seek shelter in isolated areas such as attics especially during harsh winters.  Bats in the attic are one of the most common issues among homeowners.  The smaller bats can gain entry into a building with tiny openings such as exposed pipes, cracks in the exterior, or where wires come into the building. You should call us immediately if you have any reason to suspect a bat problem in your home.  The Animal Guy will serve you no matter which corner of the state you live in with our statewide bat removal service

What We Can Do

We remove bats safely, effectively, and humanely. With our unique statewide service throughout Tennessee, we help even more people take back their homes and properties from invasive bats.  We take great care ensuring that your property is free of bats when we leave and that all entries are fortified to prevent reentry.  When you call The Animal Guys, we will provide a free, no-obligation inspection and price quote for you.
Bats are one of the most challenging pests to remove and should always be handled by professionals.  We use a humane, effective one-way system to trap bats and remove them from the premises.  After removal and re homing, we seal up any and every possible opening around your home to prevent bats from picking residence back up.
If you suspect or know that you have a bat problem, call the company that offers the values and friendliness of a small-town “mom and pop” coupled with the results, competence, and faculties of a big-town enterprise: Call The Animal Guys for your bat removal needs!