Bee Removal Services, Cleveland

Bees are an important part of our ecosystem.  There are over 20,000 different species of bees in the world. Bees form colonies made up of workers, drones, and a queen bee. Bees help to begin pollination and cross-pollination in flowers and other plants.  Bee removal becomes necessary when you notice property damage or bees congregating around your home.  The Animal Guys provides a thorough bee removal with a complete beehive removal to prevent reoccurring swarms.

Potential Risks

Bees are unique pests in that they won’t spread disease or completely destroy property, however bees can quickly overwhelm a home or business.  The pose certain risks including:

  • Painful stings
  • Swarming   
  • Bore holes in exterior siding, soffit, etc.

Bee Habitats

While typically random in their selection for a hive location, bees can be attracted to the smell of a previous hive that may have been abandoned or poorly removed previously.  Bees have a wide range of environments in which they can thrive although the key element to their survival is close proximity to flowering plants.

With several species of bee populations plummeting over the last few decades, it is now more important than ever to take great care in preserving these essential creatures.  The Animal Guys takes this recent endangerment seriously and we believe everyone else should too!

What We Can Do

At The Animal Guys, we understand just how important bees are to our ecosystem and do everything within our power to ensure that any bees we remove are relocated to a beekeeper or the wild.  With over two decades of bee removal experience, we have the tools and capability to get the job done as we take great care in our removal and relocation process.

Bees can create hives yards, attics, and even within walls.  Whatever your situation is, The Animal Guy will effectively remove the beehive and bees, patch whatever damage there is to prevent re-entry, and humanely relocate the bees to ensure species propagation.