The Animal Guys are your friendly neighborhood wildlife removal specialists. As a locally owned and operated business, we care deeply about our customer experience and satisfaction. We have been involved with the wildlife control business for over a decade and come from a multi-generational background of quality and humane wildlife control services.

As times, techniques, and technology have changed and evolved, so has our company. As we have cultivated our vision through experience, we are dedicated more than ever to providing you the highest quality wildlife control while providing the best value of service. We are constantly tweaking and adjusting the fine details of our service in order to provide you with the most satisfying customer experience, whatever your situation!

We believe in humane methods for animal removal and only provide the safest, most effective methods. We never use poisons, harmful traps, or inhumane negligence on any of the wildlife we deal with. We act as advocates for our customers first and foremost, the wildlife we remove, and the environment as we strive to bring a harmony by keeping wildlife where it should be. After all, wildlife belongs in the wild, not your home.