Full Service Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal and Relocation

One of our key goals is to not only prioritize our customers but also the animals that we remove. We strive to bring wildlife back into the wild respectfully and through humane methods.

Damage Repair and Exclusion

After we remove the animals, we repair any and all damage associated with the animal. We then relocate the animal(s) to either a rehabilitation center or the wild. This process ensures that you will never have to deal with critters in your home again.

Guaranteed Results

We provide peace of mind to our customers by offering a year long, animal-free warranty for every job. We stand by our work to ensure that your home or business stays animal-free.

Who we are?

The Animal Guys are your friendly neighborhood wildlife removal specialists.  As a locally owned and operated business, we care deeply about our customer experience and satisfaction. We have been involved with the wildlife control business for over a decade and come from a multi-generational background of quality and humane wildlife control services.

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